Up to 1000 times faster than your current databases
DolphinDB offers unparalleled speed and comprehensive functionalities for analyzing huge volumes of data
Product Overview

DolphinDB is a high performance time-series database. It is integrated with an easy-to-use fully featured programming language and a high-volume high-velocity streaming analytics system. DolphinDB offers operational simplicity, scalability, fault tolerance, and concurrency.

DolphinDB greatly reduces the total cost of ownership of a big data management and analytics system. Instead of using multiple systems from different vendors, clients benefit from DolphinDB’s comprehensive solution with unparalleled performance and low maintenance costs. DolphinDB can be deployed in Linux or Windows environment, on a single node or a cluster, on premises or to the cloud.

Key Benefits
  • One-stop Solution
    Conveniently store, query, analyze and visualize huge volumes of historical and real-time streaming data in a unified system.
  • High Performance
    Process and analyze huge volumes of data at blazing-fast speeds. Conduct extremely high throughput and low latency stream processing with real-time data.
  • Rapid Development
    Hybrid programming paradigm greatly simplifies coding and boosts development speed. Most operations can be written with SQL statements.
  • Lower Cost
    Simple syntax expands user base and produces easily readable code that can be conveniently maintained. One stop solution reduces the number of data copies needed. 
Key Functionalities
  • High-performance Database
  • Fully-featured Scripting Language
  • Scalable Distributed Computing
  • Real-time Data Streaming
  • Easy Access