Real-time Platform for Analytics and Stream Processing

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iconNative Distributed System
Native support for horizontal scaling, load-balancing, fault tolerance. Strong data consistency is guaranteed by our support for distributed transactions. The distributed computing framework fully leverages the system resources, delivering optimal performance.
iconMulti-Model Databases
Provide high-performance storage engines for different scenarios: TSDB, OLAP, and In-Memory OLTP.
iconExtensive Function Library
Offer 1500+ built-in functions to handle complex analytical tasks.
iconDeveloper-Friendly Streaming Platform
Both batch and stream processing can use the same metric expression. Over 10 streaming engines for real-time processing, which can also be pipelined for computing tasks with complex logic.
iconMulti-Paradigm Programming
Enable rapid development with various programming paradigms: imperative, vectorized, functional, SQL, and more.
iconHigh Availability Solutions
Comprehensive high-availability solutions for data nodes, controllers, streaming, and API clients to ensure uninterrupted services 24/7.
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Community Edition
checkedPerpetual license
checkedSame function library as Enterprise Edition
checkedCan use up to 2 nodes, 2 CPU cores and 8 GB RAM per node
Enterprise Trial
checkedSupport high-availability clusters
checkedExpert technical support
Client Tools
DolphinDB GUI
DolphinDB GUI is an easy-to-navigate graphical interface. With DolphinDB GUI, you can query, aggregate, analyze, and check data in a visual environment.
checkedScript and Module Management
VSCode Extension
Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a lightweight code editor. With the DolphinDB Extension for VS Code installed, you can write and execute DolphinDB scripts in VS Code and send them to the DolphinDB server for execution.
checkedDocumentation Widget for Code Completion with Quick Info
checkedMulti-User Connections and Version Control
checkedDebugging Support