Real-time Platform for Analytics and Stream Processing, Powered by High-performance Time Series Database
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High-performance Distributed Time Series Database

  • Unparalleled Performance

    Faster than traditional databases by 100x or more; Millisecond response time for queries on petabytes of data.
  • Transactional Support

    As one of the few ACID-compliant time series databases, DolphinDB ensures strong data consistency.
  • Native Distributed System

    Native support for horizontal scaling, load-balancing, and fault tolerance.
  • High Availability

    High-availability solutions for data nodes, controller, streaming, and API clients to ensure uninterrupted services.

Full-Featured, High-Performance Compute Engine for Batch Processing

  • High-Performance Computing

    Faster than traditional solutions by 10-100x or more with streamlined in-database analytics and optimized built-in functions.
  • Extensive Function Library

    Offer 1500+ built-in functions to handle complex analytical tasks.
  • Multi-Paradigm Programming

    Enable rapid development with various programming paradigms: imperative, vectorized, functional, SQL, and more.
  • ANSI SQL Compatible

    Compatible with ANSI SQL. Offer new SQL clauses for generation of pivot tables, calculation within groups, and more.

Low-Latency, Developer-Friendly Streaming Platform

  • Unified Batch and Stream Processing

    Both batch and stream processing can use the same metric expression, significantly reducing the development costs.
  • Streaming Engines

    Over 10 out-of-the-box streaming engines for real-time processing, which can also be pipelined for computing tasks with complex logic.
  • Ultra-Low Latency

    Blazingly fast in stream processing with incremental computing, parallel computing, and JIT compilation.
  • High Availability in Streaming

    Advanced high availability based on the Raft consensus protocol to ensure uninterrupted streaming services.

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