DolphinDB Builds a High-Performance Time Series Data Analytics Platform with Altair® Panopticon™


In the era of explosive data growth, the imperative extends beyond the efficient analytics of data to uncover its underlying patterns. It also demands the acute ability to seize the moment, as only through such discernment can the full potential of data be effectively harnessed, guiding real-time business decision-making. Data visualization serves as a technique that converts data into graphical representations. Through formats like charts, graphs and maps, it simplifies vast and complex datasets, swiftly and clearly conveying crucial trends and patterns.

Real-time data visualization holds extensive value across diverse scenarios within the global financial market, encompassing trading, analysis and monitoring. For instance, the real-time calculation of report data combined with visual output and presentation of key metrics can aid decision-makers in better comprehending business operations, offering support through data visualization.

To facilitate a more convenient path for users to implement data visualization, DolphinDB has recently completed data integration with Altair® Panopticon™ streaming analytics platform.

Altair Panopticon streaming analytics platform, developed by Altair, a leading company in the fields of data science and artificial intelligence, encompasses a suite of real-time data visualization systems specifically optimized for time-series data. The platform offers user-friendly dashboard interactivity and an array of filtering tools, enabling users to easily adjust the timeline, focus on key data, and exclude irrelevant variables with a simple click, facilitating an intuitive understanding of complex relationships.

DolphinDB's streaming framework stands out for its high-throughput, low-latency and high availability, which empowers a wide range of functions including the publishing, subscription and preprocessing of stream data, real-time in-memory calculation, rolling-window calculation of complex metrics, real-time correlation, and detection of abnormal data. The built-in suite of over 10 streaming engines can meet the data processing requirements of complex business scenarios.

The high-performance time-series data analytics platform established by DolphinDB and Altair Panopticon includes two data interfaces: SQL query and stream data table subscription. Users can access and analyze real-time stream data, cumulative intraday data, and historical data, and visually showcase the received data in real-time.

The intuitive and user-friendly workflow allows users to quickly grasp the method. In several minutes, they can connect to data sources, design an auto-refreshing interactive dashboard, and publish it for use by relevant personnel involved in trading, analytics and monitoring.

Daily Trading Data Analysis

For example, users can build a price analysis dashboard using DolphinDB's streaming engine and Panopticon's visualization application, combining information such as OHLC bars, moving average indicators and trading volume in a single view. This allows users to quickly assess the overall market trends or key indicators.

DolphinDB and Panopticon's streaming engines support analytics of real-time stream data and replay of historical data . Users can choose to either monitor real-time activity or replay trading activities at any frequency and during any time period.

Below is a diagram depicting the process of real-time stream data analytics with DolphinDB and Panopticon:

  • DolphinDB subscribes to source data and preprocesses data.
  • DolphinDB integrates the preprocessed data into streaming engine for calculation and analysis. DolphinDB offers various streaming engines tailored for different scenarios, and users can choose certain engine or combine multiple engines as required to perform calculation tasks.
  • The stream data table is published for subscription and consumption by consumers.
  • Panopticon's stream data subscription interface receives data sent by DolphinDB and, as per business requirements, creates dashboards for use by relevant personnel involved in trading, analytics and monitoring. Panopticon's built-in aggregation engine, calculation engine, and alert engine can cater to various needs for chart creation and data integrity verification.
  • Iterate, expand, and deploy the stream processing calculation system.
  • Iterate, expand, and deploy the visual analytics dashboard.

DolphinDB and Altair Panopticon have successfully established a high-performance time-series data visualization and analytics platform. This collaboration aids users in achieving real-time data visualization and analysis. By converting extensive, complex data into intuitive graphics, users can easily access, analyze, and visually present various data, comprehend data trends and patterns, ultimately facilitating a more efficient realization of data value.

About DolphinDB

DolphinDB, Inc. was established in 2016, and its flagship product DolphinDB is a real-time platform for analytics and stream processing powered by high-performance time-series database. With a fully featured programming language, over 1500 built-in functions and a suite of stream computing engines, DolphinDB provides solutions for the storage, querying, analytics and real-time calculation of massive structured data, significantly enhancing efficiency in various aspects of quantitative investment research, including data storage and query, factor calculation, strategy backtesting, and real-time trading.

DolphinDB’s customers base span across Europe, the United States, Australia and China. DolphinDB has been widely adopted in various business sectors including finance, energy, intelligent manufacturing, telecommunications, chemical engineering, water management, marketing analytics and smart cities. With DolphinDB, enterprises can efficiently extract value from vast datasets, particularly real-time data, empowering real-time control of business systems and facilitating timely business decision-making. As of October 2023, in the rankings of the internationally renowned database ranking website DB-Engines, DolphinDB is ranked sixth in the global time-series database category.

About Altair

Altair (NASDAQ: ALTR) is a global leader in the fields of computational science and artificial intelligence, providing mature solutions for global industries such as simulation, high-performance computing, and AI. Altair enables enterprises across various industries to compete more efficiently in a connected world, creating a more sustainable future.

Headquartered in Michigan, USA, Altair serves over 15,000 global enterprises in industries including automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace, energy, locomotives, shipbuilding, military industry, finance, and retail.

Altair's RapidMiner data science and AI platform, as a part of Altair's three core businesses, namely simulation, HPC, and data analysis, is an end-to-end data analysis and AI platform. It covers the entire data application process, including data preparation, data science, and real-time data visualization. It was one of the earliest platforms in the data analysis field to integrate multiple functionalities such as automated data science, text analysis, automatic feature engineering, deep learning, and real-time data visualization. It helps users with tasks ranging from data cleaning, preparation, data mining, data science, modeling to model management and deployment. It also supports the creation, operation, and maintenance of programs written in SAS language. The platform can handle high-speed and large-capacity data from multiple streams and compare it with historical time-series data in real-time. It can zoom in to nanosecond-level timestamps and rewind and replay data streams for retrospective analysis, effectively reducing costs and increasing efficiency in data analysis and AI.